Environmental Stewardship Award

Thaler Land & Livestock Co.


2006 Region V Winners/ 2006 National ESAP Winner


Environmental Stewardship News

Wyoming Winner - June 21st, 2005

Dennis Thaler with Stewardship Sign

Cows & calves in winter storm.



We have removed old houses, garbage dumps, old trees,
and ditches to put in low pressure pivot. At the farm.

Low pressure pivot where old house, etc
used to be at the farm.

Steel Diversion Box.
Diverts water to 5 different places.


Old Feedlot.

New feedlot working facilities.

Ditch around feedlot to prevent run off into creek.

Heifers in Feedlot


Upland Improvement Habitat Project Grant.
Cost share from Game & Fish Commission.

At Farm.

First living snow fence in Goshen County

Bigger trees in back from Stewardship
Incentive Program Grant through wyoming State Forestry.

Newer trees in front from Forest Lands Incentive
Program Grant through Wyoming State Forestry.

Around Feedlot.

Improved & Intensive Rotational Grazing.

Hub on improved Pasture

Hub on Irrigated Intensive Grazing.

Moving cattle with whistle through 2 foot tall grass.


Bear Mountain from Thaler's yard.

Thaler's yard

Thaler Land & Livestock Logo.

Sand Dune

Sand Dune Before

Sand Dune - After

Sand Dune Now

Spurge Project

Spurge Project before any work was done.

Spurge Project with 6 ft of top soil removed.

Spurge Biological Control. Used bugs to
try and get rid of Spurge.
Steve Brill - Goshen County Weed & Pest Coordinator.

Spurge Project Now!

Dennis Thaler & daughter Brandy

Spurge Project Now. We sell horse hay off of the Spurge Project to
Florida, Texas, Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska.

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