Updating Your Website

The Experts Know Best

After investing in a strategic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign for your website you may be wondering “can I maintain the traffic and rankings that my new SEO campaign is providing and make my own website updates?”  Many business owners want the capability of updating their content themselves after their site has been designed and search engine optimized. So, what’s the problem?  Updating and adding content is good, right?  Right!  You have invested a lot into your website and chances are the web is where most of your new business will come from.  Changing a copy line or, dare I say, rewriting an entire page without the help of an expert could be detrimental to your search engine visibility. Without understanding the complete strategy, a simple revision could harm your SEO and your website will be at risk to lose its ranking. Hiring your SEO consultant to maintain and update your website is vital to keeping your strategy on track.  Your SEO consultant already knows and understands the current strategy in place on your website and can assist you in making any necessary changes without disrupting the SEO campaign. Utilizing the expertise of your SEO consultant is a safe and easy way to continue your online marketing success.

The SEO Domino Effect

By making even the slightest revisions to your website without professional help from your SEO consultant your SEO campaign is at risk for a “Domino Effect.”  After carefully placing dominos in a line, if one falls over a chain reaction is set in motion and the entire line will fall. The same can happen with your SEO campaign - each piece acts as a domino, if one piece is disrupted the entire campaign could follow, causing your website to lose the valuable search engine visibility you worked so hard to get.

Making updates and adding content is important for the ongoing success of your website and it is crucial that your SEO expert be involved in making all changes. Why? Putting it bluntly--- they know what they are doing. Unbeknown to the average business owner, a simple copy change or update of a picture could start a domino effect resulting in a complete break down of the SEO strategy.

When your SEO consultant creates your strategy, they piece together your entire site based on a conceived strategy and if one piece is changed, like an image or content line, than a piece of the strategy can crumble leaving holes in the strategy thus hurting your search marketing efforts.

Take an image for example. From the outside, updating or removing a picture appears to be a simple process, but what many do not realize is that that an image acts as a domino in your SEO campaign. The image is assigned to a spot in that campaign; if this is removed or changed than it will leave a hole in the strategy allowing the campaign to fall apart. Your SEO professional can easily assist in updating the images while keeping your SEO strategy intact.

With the constant involvement of an SEO expert, your website will not go stale or lose valuable rankings due to changes made on the site.  You can be assured that as you update your website it will maintain its effectiveness and continue to drive traffic and revenue to your business. In order to get the most from your site - avoid the domino effect - play it safe and leave the updates to the experts. 

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